Our history

Mazzola is the last name of the owners. Mazzola is a family business that was founded by Elena and Victor Mazzola in 1993. Their daughter, Danna Mazzola, took over the business, keeping it in the family.

Elena and Victor Mazzola immigrated from Argentina in the 1990s. Their older son, coming back from school, told them that his classmates ate lunches such as peanut butter sandwiches from the country. Argentina, this was very weird.).

So Elena and Victor started providing healthy and nutritious meals to schools in the area. They started with a school and quickly by word of mouth more than eighty schools started using their services.

Once the children tasted Mazzola meals at school, they would ask for more back home. We started receiving calls from parents wishing to eat our famous lasagna at home and this is how the Mazzola store was born.

What we do

For over twenty years, we've been offering a wide variety of tasty and healthy food for families or just busy people! Quality is essential for us; our meals are always prepared from real simple ingredients. No additives, preservatives or artificial flavors.

Meals, starters, side dishes, desserts, snacks: we have what fits your needs.

Our delicious dishes are popular with young and old alike. We come to the rescue of your dinners, lunches, evenings with friends ...

Our wide range of meals offers you different options: vegetarian / vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free, but still tasty.

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