All of our products are 100% peanut and tree nut free.

Mazzola une entreprise stable d'expérience

Mazzola is a family business operating for over 29 years. This company is dedicated to preparing and distributing healthy and fresh meals to children in several daycares and students in several elementary schools in the National Capital Region. Every day, more than 25 employees cook nearly 3,000 meals a day, faithfully respecting the standards established by governments.

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Mazzola an ecological company

Mazzola is on a mission to use local ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Mazzola works hard to reduce the amount of packaging and containers needed for each of their menus. They are continually in contact with different companies and organizations to find the best packaging products for their customers. Additionally, in many schools, Mazzola does not include utensils, which both helps the environment and encourages children to be responsible for bringing their reusable utensils from home.

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Varied menus

Mazzola offers up to 5 different choices per day, every day. Each menu is different from the other to offer a great variety to children.

Mazzola offers 4 additional menus, designed for children with allergies, intolerances or dietary restrictions. Indeed, Mazzola has a gluten-free menu (ZZ1), an allergen-free menu (ZZ2), a halal menu (ZZ3) and finally a vegan menu (without animal products, ZZ4). These menus are available every day, so it gives the child up to 9 different choices per day.

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How we work

Parents can order online at any time. They
have until 7:00 a.m. to order a meal for the
same day and have until 9:00 a.m. to cancel the same
morning meal.

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A foundation that helps children in need

We firmly believe that no child should go to school hungry. Privacy is one of our most important values. For this reason we never disclose the identity of the children we serve. Indeed, it is possible that even the child who receives the free meal is not aware that he is the subject of a donation. Only the school administration, the parents of the child in question, and the Foundation are aware.

As we firmly believe in our mission, all the funds collected are used to prepare and distribute tasty and complete dishes to students who do not have access to them. Each donation of $5 gives a lunch to a child. We have no administrative or salary expenses; the Foundation operates solely through volunteers. Help us fight child hunger in your neighborhood! Make a donation today today.

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