Elena Mazzola, co-founder of Mazzola, created the foundationHungry to Help in 2003. As part of her preparation of meals for elementary school students, she learned that some children in precarious situations did not have lunch at noon.

Obviously, the afternoon hunger prevented the students from concentrating on learning properly. This delicate situation had a negative impact on their educational progress.

To overcome this problem, teachers ordered extra dinners by paying out of their pockets.

Eager to contribute to the well-being of these children, Mrs. Mazzola founded a non-profit organization to help the community. This is how Faim d'Aider was born to provide nutritious meals to underprivileged students.

The Foundation is a separate entity from Mazzola whose committee is made up of volunteers only. Mazzola acts as a caterer for the foundation providing meals at cost.

Hunger to Help fights malnutrition, one dish at a time.

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