Size dishes

We have noticed that when we prepare our 'family' meals in containers (which contains the sauce, for example a Moroccan stew, and its carbohydrates, like couscous) we notice that the carbohydrates absorb the sauce, which makes the carbohydrates a little softer and the sauce seems to disappear in the carbs. To correct the situation, we will present you with the option of purchasing your carbs SEPARATELY to accompany your meal / sauce.

Carbohydrates will be packaged in either 1 liter (L) or 500 milliliter (ml) vacuum bags. To reheat them you can insert the bag directly into boiling water (5-10 minutes) or open the bag, insert in a container and heat it in the oven or microwave.

We present to you three options of carbohydrates, mashed potatoes, white rice and finally couscous.