Order for your child or your work place

You want your children to eat healthy meals, but do not have the time to prepare them? Since 1993, Mazzola has been preparing hot and healthy meals for over 3,000 children a day.

Meals are prepared the same day they are delivered and distributed in your child’s classroom. Less stress for you and a healthy meal for your child.


Healthy meals to go

Mazzola introduces healthy meals that work with your busy schedule.

Struggling to find healthy recipes?  Mazzola has it covered.

We select the best quality products available to prepare our meals. No additives or preservatives are used in the preparation.


Balancing a complex day-to-day schedule can be a pretty hefty task. Trying to squeeze in cooking great food for a party can be challenging.

Mazzola comes to the rescue: we will prepare and cook the meal in our kitchens and deliver it to your front door. Easy, accessible and beyond your expectations!

Mazzola Enterprise

Founded in 1993, Mazzola is dedicated to preparing and distributing healthy and fresh meals to students in the National Capital Region.

Every day, more than 25 employees cook over 3,000 meals in strict compliance with the standards established by the governments.

Our clientele is still growing; the students for whom we have prepared meals at the schools, once adult, become regular customers. Thus, we have expanded our mandate to respond to all requests. We have a catering service and healthy meals to go. Mazzola has kept the same philosophy for these services; prepare healthy meals made from real ingredients, high quality, no nuts and no preservatives.

Tell Mazzola what you are looking for and they will prepare the best meal according to your needs.

Here are the different services offered: